Thursday, December 30

everything I long for (2011 wish list)

more books to flick through
more philosophies to share
more recipes to try
more cities to visit, more flights & trains to take, more people to meet around
more experiences to hold up
more moments to remember
more balance in my life (daydreaming...)

my close friends enjoying life whatever it may happen
them finding their way & not getting discouraged along the path
Candy starting writing that book of hers
Dani getting his degree (& move to Bxl)
BB meeting the one she could share her "challenging life"
Mark bumping into the flat of his dreams (possibly close to mine)
Ste managing to get the perfect muffins out of his microwaves (& making me taste them)
Mum & Dad stopping crying over each departure of mine
Bimba Linda eating tons of potatoes without feeling guilty
Prince getting able to admit his feelings for Princess
Lulu changing pearls to (whatever) other precious stones
Rob spending less time in MondoCioccolato (& more - outdoor - with me)
my darling Ireen being proud of what I am doing (or at least not too much upset about that...)

putting together some fragments of my unsent letters (there are so many)...
& making some kind of novel out of them (actually already in my mind)
preparing my best tiramisu ever (it's only question of luck)
learning some turkish (some studying will be needed, I'm afraid)
getting green eyes (special lenses should make it)
stopping buying colourful boots (no space left in the closet)
(& maybe also scarfs, can still afford ONLY bags...)
smiling all the times it feels good, crying all the times it feels bad - WITH NO REGRETS
holding myself together when it feels falling apart
hugging my beloved ones if it feels relief (no reason to be scared about that)
going back to Madrid to "share" it with somebody I care about
buying a new watch (therefore, being able to choose one - particularly difficult task to me)
travelling by myself for some weeks
losing completely my voice, communicating only by body language for a while
listening more attentively to other people
controlling my (often impulsive) reactions
sweetening my passion - overall



Marco said...

I, wishing reading all of yours!

Barbara said... wishing myself the same and me wishing you to be felice for all life wll brings us and for all we will bring to life! thanks to be one of the one I had shared my challengin life!

Lucia said...

Me, I wish sharing another travelling experience with you this year, discovering new colorful places and cultures, as well as reading your thoughts, enjoying our endless conversations, and tasting your best tiramisu and your other masterpieces...
...and yes...I believe I could be more or less satisfied with a big diamond... :-)