Wednesday, February 16

J'Apero, backstage of a kick-off!

sun is surprisingly shining today in Bxl & this is definitely useful to cheer myself UP on a very important day ;-)

as you may have understood so far, I love cooking & I love even more to share food with friends & beloved since I consider food a way to people's heart & tool of communication...

avoiding getting much philosophical at this hour of the day, I am glad to make you take a Preview Tour into my creations for tonight's pilot evening of J'Apero!
new concept ongoing for a Wednesday (in the jungle of parties & events offered by this city)...
kind of Italian aperitivo in Nordic atmosphere place (Blomqvist Espresso Bar)
take a look & join if you are curious!

guacamole & surimi mini-rolls
open your appetite by picking some
& you wish for something more!

                                    still in the mood for fish?
ok, move to the Salmon mini-croissants then
time for some Mini-Quiches (MQ)
try these mélange of Tuna MQ, Lorraines MQ & Tartelettes aux tomates confites!
yu'll be (more) thirsty after them & pretty talkative...

willing to jump into the mediterranean sea? here it comes the Sicilian rice
your mouth will be delighted by the mix of fresh mint, pistaches, bottarga & exotic spices in a pesto
(curcuma, ginger & coriander)

after the explosion of spices, maybe something a bit sweeter...
enjoy the Petites roses jambon-figues 
(they are my favourite!!!)

ok, now that you have tried all the salty creations & you're enjoying drinks & good company, 
longing for a TIRAMISU, in a small portion maybe since it's gonna be extremely sweet & creamy...

et voilà...

new creations & recipes will follow ;-))
enjoy your J'Apero!