Wednesday, July 27

Once Upon @ Time - café littéraire

...Once Upon @ Time...
I wanted to run my own business, to open a Café Littéraire...
Time to make it true, then! Doors should be opening at the beginning of September 2011, location being the current Blomqvists Expresso Bar (Rue Francart 14, Place Saint Boniface, Ixelles)
I can "promise" you:
- warm & cosy atmosphere
- home-made traditional desserts, organic coffee & small bites
- international books & magazines available for consultation/inspiration
- a place for special evenings/events/private parties & cultural activities (make your mind up!)
- personalized fancy B-day parties
work in progress can be checked out in August - thanks in advance to the team of volunteers that will contribute to the relooking ;-))
spread around "the news" ;-)
lovely yours,

Thursday, June 23

women & love (so-called chaos)

long time no writing, indeed, many things to tell you but not today
will be in the coming days, I promise, this blog will get part of a bigger project ;-))

in the meanwhile, not to get too bored in summer (?) Brussels, collecting vibes from my girl-friends...
here you have our very personal SATC (Sex and the city) catalogue...
(girls, take it easy please, some self-irony will help us, THANKS GOD)

case number 1 : the man-minded-girl
she is continuously falling in love with the wrong guy - always the wrong one until THE ONE would show up and make us all happy (and free from tons of repeting words), indeed
she is soft inside but she does not want to show it off, then she lies to herself for some weeks along the enthusiasm way (sindrome della tangente acuta)
then she looks dumb for these weeks along which she tells she is in love
but she is not really
she would like to be
then she looks herself in the mirror and she sees what she really wants, hard to say but still
and then she starts again
sex is important to her, but kind of excuse for protecting - any affection too dangerous to admit ;-)
she is the best one to recuperate in failure
we admire her, in a way... we love her, for sure

case 2: the fairy-tale girl
she is innocent, she is pure, she is looking for the big love, the very big one
where is it? don't know
I always tell her "le prince charmant a perdu sa route", please don' look around for him on a white horse, a supercar ir more reliable ;-)
she is so keen in being kind around that she is not malicious at all
(too bad, men are pigs - how she is going to recognize her pig?)
she is sweet
sex is an option only when involved
we support her in being innocent (we use the verb to develop when referring to this attitude of hers...she allows us because she loves us)
she is smart and always smiling around, social and kind to an extreme level
we care about her, we protect her
she knows that, she is not worried about THE ONE, she is a bit of naïve...

case 3 : the "I don' t want to fall" case
as all the girls (at least the ones I know), she is looking for real love, for kindness involvement engagement and whatever goes together with
but she is so scared to admit it that she does not see well her mirror
she is "light" in saying to take it easy, but she does not
we understand her, we all cope with the same fear, we all do
daily basis problem
she is normally a bit apart from the group 'cause I think she is afraid to be judged
but we do not judge, we are just women and friends "obsessed" with love
who is not? raise your hand, please

case 4: the "I cannot make it" girl
sometimes she thinks there's nobody around for her, she is a bit difficult (she says selective)
but we keep on telling her that it's a question of approach
sex is not an option for her to get a man, she does not use this weapon at all, she's "spiritual"
I do believe she often hates us for telling her that
maybe she is right to think so
why we take the right to tell her? (because we are honest to her)
she is full of qualities, but until she does not assume herself she is not shining around
she is so brilliant, but worries do not allow her to spread her good energy, she keeps it for herself, sleeping inside...we constantly pick her
I do provoke her hoping she will react
the ONE for her is the man of her dreams
are dreams to come real, sooner or later? yes, they have to
I do love her so much, we fight sometimes for how much I love her

case 5: the "I do pretend" case
this is myself
life is a flow, and I will flow with it
when I love, I really do it, no control, this is my problem
then either I pretend not to love, or I do love and stay apart
since it's black or white
I think I cannot use strategies but apparently I do
I do not want to calculate but I happen to do
I pretend to be smart and often I am not
but I assume everything I do, always
sex is a way to reveal my feelings, but not a weapon for me to "convince"
emotions are the guide of my life
have been making a lot of mistakes, will keep on doing them
my motto is to love, whatever it happens
and when I am scared, I close my eyes and stick to him, so I pretend not to be afraid
I do pretend, since I am self confident, to know what I want
and I keep ongoing even when I am said that it's wrong
everytime I fall for somebody, it will be lasting a lot...
I can love in different ways and I don't mind to admit it


GIRLS, keep on going, keep on doing it your way