Monday, November 29

food therapy

keen on believing in the magic of food,
I've already got proven that baking can change your perspective towards life
very ambitious indeed but often true

officially unable to read books that are too straight-forward on particularly delicate topics
have the tendency to look for some channelling title like the one have just got to the very end
remember it - already mentioned to you some days ago
then again, much more convinced right now after 360 pages

it's the story of Angel, selling cakes to the peculiar population of Rwanda's capital
to each special event corresponds a special cake, the novel being chaptered according to this structure
and each cake gets a personal & intimate story behind
revealed by Angel's clients while filling in the cake order & sipping the cardamomo tea
with a slow & rhythmic style, Gaile Parkin takes a picture of a country & invites us to flick through further to bump - page after page - into all the wounds of its people
when said & unsaid come up together whispered with a gentle, ironic approach

greet & enjoy another good novel on food therapy!

"Yes, she was still very sad. But somehow, in a small way, part of her dispair had changed.
It had turned to hope".

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